Our Team

Glen Wagner

Glen is the President and Owner of Wagner Development, where he manages both the site and general contracting sides of the company. Glen has been working in the construction field since 1984, and he has expansive knowledge in infrastructure and earth moving. Wagner Development started in 1970 as a rental property management company. The company doubled in size in the next 10 years, and by the early 1990s had expanded into construction.

Glen knew by his early twenties that he wanted to work in construction. He also realized that keeping the business at the forefront of the field meant expanding the business into new lines of work like site construction, cell towers, utility work, mine subsidence, and residential home building, including general contracting.

Since becoming owner of the company in 2013, Glen has overseen the company’s expansion into new regions and states. Wagner Development continues to seek and expand into new service areas.

Thomas Fabrega

Thomas is the Chief Operations Officer at Wagner Development, where he directs and manages day-to-day operations. Thomas develops and implements budget and performance systems, corporate strategies, company policies, as well as overseeing and driving overall company growth and profitability strategies.

After attending college for business administration, Thomas worked for amazon.com as a financial analyst. His constant quest for knowledge led him to enroll in law school, and upon graduation, he became a complex commercial litigation lawyer for a firm in Seattle, WA. In starting a new chapter of life, Thomas and his wife moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Soon after, Thomas accepted a position with Wagner Development as a contract administrator, and within 6 months, he was promoted to his current position of COO.

Thomas has 11 years of experience in the construction industry and has been with Wagner since 2016. He is our Designated Employee for the State of Virginia and is also a member of the Pittsburgh chapter of NAIOP.

John Kendall

John is the Director of Construction at Wagner Development, where he oversees all construction projects and estimation. John has been in the construction field since 1984, and the commercial construction industry since 1986. John has been with Wagner since 2010. He has extensive experience as an estimator. It is also noted that he is our Qualified Individual for the State of Virginia, and an active member on the Safety Committee.

Walt Shaffer

Walt is the Director of Field Operations at Wagner Development, where he oversees field activity on job sites, orders material procurement, and handles safety training onsite. Walt has been working in construction for 21 years and has been with Wagner since 2013. Walt has extensive experience in storm water management and construction management. He is also the Safety Director for Wagner Development.