Do you self-perform?

Yes, our company is equipped to self-perform many trades. In the Pittsburgh area, we can perform site development including, but not limited to: heavy earth moving, excavating, mine subsidence prevention, and storm water management. We can also self-perform carpentry in and out-of-state.

Is your business local to Pittsburgh?

Our office is located in Bridgeville in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The original family-owned business has been in business since 1970. The organization has grown to include a general contracting division whereby we are licensed to conduct business in 11 states.

What states are you licensed to perform?

We are currently licensed in Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Texas.

Who do I contact to get on the Bid List?

If you are interested in becoming a subcontractor on our bid list, feel free to contact our office by phone at 724-492-1083 or fax your interest to 724-492-1123. Currently, Wallace Coligan is our point of contact.

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In celebration of National Safety Month, we are highlighting the forklift training we completed with our general contracting employees. At Wagner Development Co., we require our employees to be certified in driving and safety before operating forklifts. We partnered with Lancaster Safety to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding OSHA safety standards. Ronnie and … Continue reading “National Safety Month”

National Safety Month November 15, 2019